With us you can order an official German fine dust/environmental badge conveniently and cheaply online. Fast processing and delivery. Valid nationwide in all environmental zones.

Order a fine dust sticker – put your mind at ease when traveling in environmental zones

The 35th BImSchV has been in force since 2007 and regulates it
Classification of vehicles in pollutant groups as well as the shape and
Allocation of the appropriate plaques. It enables Germans
Municipalities the establishment of environmental zones, in which (of exceptions
apart) only vehicles of the corresponding pollutant group
allowed to enter. To be legally safe with your car in all
to move to German cities, you can find your suitable one with us
Buy an environmental badge.

Order the environmental sticker – avoid legal trouble

If you want to buy your fine dust sticker online, you should
only rely on trustworthy providers. We are a free
Master car workshop in Fürth and authorized to use the
carry out official AU. Therefore you can with us your official
Order a recognized particulate matter sticker. Are you in without this badge
driving in an environmental zone, there is a risk of a fine of €80.

So play it safe by buying your fine dust sticker online – at feinstaubplakette.shop!

Order a fine dust sticker – this is how you can buy your fine dust sticker online

When you order an environmental badge, there is a difference
between vehicles registered in Germany and abroad. Choose
the sticker you need and your preferred one in the ordering process
Payment method. After purchase please send us a copy or
Photo of the vehicle registration document (registration certificate I) of the vehicle,
for which you order the particulate matter sticker. Based on this data
we determine the correct emission class and manufacture it
appropriate sticker for your car.

If you have an environmental sticker for vehicles registered abroad
order, please send us a photo or a copy of the
Vehicle registration document and, if possible, the vehicle registration document.

Please note that you will not be permitted without appropriate proof
be able to order a fine dust sticker – not even for future or
reserved marks. To buy a fine dust sticker online
it is imperative that you send us the said documents

After receipt of payment and documents, we will send the ordered sticker.

Since the environmental badge is made to your specifications,
it cannot be withdrawn. Provided you have a fine dust sticker
Order it to use it on another vehicle
This is not permitted and can have criminal consequences.

Order the environmental badge easily and securely - buy the right particulate matter badge online now and secure advantages!

If you want to buy your fine dust sticker online, you can benefit from a few extras in our shop:

Fast shipping : After receipt of payment and documents by 3 p.m., we usually ship on the same working day.

Inexpensive: If you would like to order an environmental badge, ask for it
other places up to 15€ for it - with us you can from 5.95€
Order your fine dust sticker!

Safe: If you buy a fine dust sticker in our shop
Buy online, you can be sure that this is officially recognized and
is valid throughout Germany. The UV-resistant laser print protects your
plaque before fading.

Do you want to order more than just an environmental sticker? We offer
offer you an attractive volume discount. For B2B customers
(Registration services, resellers, etc.), we will be happy to develop one
individual complete solution. Contact us - we look forward to it

Wichtiges zur Online Zulassung - iKfz

Dank der Online Zulassung iKfz können Sie bequem von Zuhause aus Ihr Fahrzeug An- oder Ummelden. Sie bekommen dann einen Zulassungsbescheid mit
dem Sie den Wagen direkt nutzen können. Die Fahrzeugunterlagen die aber für eine Umweltplakette nötig sind werden Ihnen erst später per Post zugestellt.

Wie können Sie dann eine Umweltplakette bei uns erhalten?

Ganz einfach. Laden Sie uns im Bestellvorgang den amtlichen Bescheid den Sie von der Zulassungsstelle online erhalten haben hoch. Hier stehen schon mal das neue Kennzeichen und die Fahrgestellnummer drin. Da
das aber für die Erteilung der Umweltplakette nicht ausreichend ist, benötigen wir von Ihnen noch ein Foto des alten Fahrzeugscheines oder wenn
nicht mehr vorhanden, oder bei einem Neuwagen noch nie erteilt gewesen, ein Foto Ihres COC-Papieres.
Somit können wir die technischen Daten abgleichen
und Ihnen Ihre Bestellte Umweltplakette erstellen und direkt an Sie versenden.

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