Order info

Please note the following ordering process:

Since our fine dust stickers are officially recognized official documents, the legal requirements must be observed.

We are not allowed to create and send any stickers before we have access to your current and valid vehicle documents.

To do this, you must send us a scan, a copy or a photo of your vehicle registration document (registration certificate part I).

How to get your particulate matter sticker:

Please enter your license plate number in the text field directly on the article page. If you have more than one number, please separate them with a comma.

Then confirm with the checkbox that we may use your data to create the environmental badge.

Finally, you can use the upload button to upload your vehicle documents.

Finally, go to the shopping cart and finally to the checkout.

Don't have your vehicle registration document to hand and still want to order an environmental badge?

Simply open a customer account with your contact details.

Simply send us a photo of your vehicle registration later by email at: feinstaubplakette@gmx.de

or by fax: 0911 / 6880867

or by mail to:

Auto Roth, Fichtenstr. 66, 90763 Fuerth

After receiving the certificate, we will send you an offer email that will take you directly to the checkout.

Example of a file upload: