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I have Euro 5 or even Euro 6, why do I get a badge with a 4?

The number on the fine dust sticker has nothing to do with the Euro class that is entered in the vehicle documents. It only says that the vehicle belongs to level 4 according to the fine dust sticker regulation.

Why don't you have a blue environmental sticker?

The blue fine dust sticker is currently only in discussion or in planning. When the time comes and this is introduced, you can of course also receive/order the blue sticker from us. Your vehicle must also meet the legal requirements for this.

Do I really have to send you a copy of my registration certificate (vehicle registration)?

The fine dust stickers that we sell are official documents. In order to be able to issue this, we have to make sure that your vehicle meets the legal requirements. It is essential that you send us a copy of the required documents.

How can I send you a copy or photo of my vehicle documents?

It is best to have a look at our Order Info page. Here you will find all the information you need.

What color sticker does my vehicle get?

It is best to see our Badge Allocation page. You can also contact us and we will give you an answer as soon as possible.

Why do the environmental badges for vehicles registered abroad cost a little more?

Determining the sticker assignment is somewhat more complex and time-consuming for us in the case of foreign registration, which is why the stickers are somewhat more expensive.

Where is my environmental sticker?

If the particulate matter sticker has already been sent and your shipping confirmation was more than a week (within Germany) or 14 days (shipping abroad) ago, please contact us so that we can take further steps.

Are your particulate matter stickers recognized and valid throughout Germany?

Yes. We have all the necessary qualifications and are allowed to offer these officially recognized badges that are valid throughout Germany. Thanks to our seal, the control authorities can also trace where the sticker came from and who created it at any time.

Where do I attach the environmental sticker?

The particulate matter sticker should be attached to the inside of the windshield, on the bottom right.

I have attached a sticker from the previous owner with his former license plate number to the vehicle. Do I absolutely need a new environmental badge with my current number plate?

If you drive into an environmental zone, you must also have an environmental sticker with your current police license plate attached to the vehicle. Otherwise, you face the same penalty as if you don't have a fine dust sticker on your vehicle.

My particulate matter sticker is no longer readable. do i need a new one ?

If you drive into an environmental zone, you must also have an environmental sticker with the license plate attached to the vehicle. Of course, this must be legible for the control bodies. Otherwise, you face the same penalty as if you don't have a fine dust sticker on your vehicle.

Is your printed environmental sticker permanently UV-resistant?

Of course, we cannot give you a lifetime guarantee. However, we have been producing printed fine dust stickers for more than 7 years and have not had any problems with the color of the impression fading. We see the long-term stability in our own fleet and in our workshop customers on site.

What do I have to consider when sticking on the fine dust sticker?

The windscreen should be at least 10°C and the surface should be cleaned beforehand. In winter, it is best to attach the sticker after a journey, as the window has then been warmed up by the vehicle heater. Caution: Once the sticker has been stuck on, you can no longer remove it without destroying it (in order to correct, for example, badly glued stickers). The environmental badge must be destroyed when it is removed, this is required by law.

I would like to choose my sticker color myself. Is this possible?

No. You can only get the color for which your vehicle meets the legal requirements.

I have reserved a number plate for my vehicle and would like to order the particulate matter sticker before I register.

Unfortunately that is not possible. We are allowed to print the environmental stickers with the number plate that was currently assigned to your vehicle according to your registration certificate.

I would like a blank blank tag.

We do not supply or sell blank badges. If you are a workshop with a valid AU authorization, please contact me in advance.

What is your registration number?

Our registration number is: BY-5-05-0583-63


Which vehicles get a green environmental sticker?

Green stickers can generally be issued to the following vehicles (exceptions possible - information without guarantee):

Gasoline: from Euro 1 or EZ 1.1.1993

Diesel (car): from Euro 4 or EZ 1.1.2006

Diesel (trucks, mobile homes over 2.8t): from Euro 4 or EZ 1.10.2006

older diesels or below Euro 4 must have a retrofitted particulate filter.

Where are there environmental zones in Germany?

The best thing to do is to take a look at our website: German environmental zones

But new zones are always being added. Therefore this map view is not definitive.

I have a larger fleet of vehicles. Are there discounts?

Please contact us. We will make you an offer for this. However, a discount scale is already stored in the shop. Simply put your desired quantity in the shopping cart and the discount will be displayed.

Do you also offer permanent B2B solutions?

We would be happy to make you an offer for a permanent purchase of larger quantities. We can also offer you a service right up to your end customer. To do this, simply contact us. We will certainly find the right solution for you too.

How is my environmental badge sent?

We offer standard and domestic German shipping as a letter at no extra charge. Of course, you will also find other shipping methods such as registered mail, handover registered mail or express shipping for an additional charge.

How can I pay my order?

You will find several types of payment in the checkout process, such as immediate transfer, Giropay, prepayment or Paypal (including credit card payment). However, you can also pay cash directly upon collection. Important: Credit card payment is only possible via PayPal. You do not need a Paypal account for this. You can also use the payment as a guest.

Can I pick up my order?

You can of course pick up your badge during our regular opening hours. But please allow us a little preamble. Our opening hours are Mon-Fri 8:30-18:00

My car is registered abroad, can I order an environmental badge from you?

Yes, of course. However, you must meet the same requirements as the vehicles registered in Germany and send us your vehicle documents. Please buy our stickers marked for foreign vehicles.

Do you also deliver abroad?

Of course. The postage for your country is shown in the shopping cart.

Which vehicles do not require an environmental sticker in environmental zones?

In the environmental zones, exemptions apply to the following vehicles, among others:

  • mobile machines and devices
  • Ambulances and doctor's cars on duty - with the corresponding marking "Doctor emergency use"
  • Motor vehicles that are driven by people or are used to transport people who are disabled, helpless or blind and can prove this with their severely disabled ID card (mark) "aG", "H" or "Bl".
  • Classic cars with H or 07 license plates and foreign vehicles that meet the necessary requirements
  • Civilian vehicles in the service of the Bundeswehr, which are used for trips that are unavoidable and are subject to the fulfillment of sovereign tasks of the Bundeswehr
  • Vehicles with special rights - police, customs, fire brigade etc.
  • working machines
  • agricultural and forestry tractors
  • two- and three-wheeled motor vehicles
  • Vehicles of non-German troops who are in Germany due to military cooperation (only for trips made for urgent military reasons)
  • diplomatic vehicles

What are the penalties for entering an environmental zone without a valid, faded or incorrect particulate matter sticker?

The fine is 80 euros. Various fees are usually added, so that the fine is more than 120 euros in the end.

Does my electric car need a fine dust sticker?

Yes, vehicles with electric drives also need an environmental badge.

Am I obliged to attach the environmental sticker to my vehicle?

No, there is no obligation to do this. If you do not drive in environmental zones, you do not need a fine dust sticker. However, the sticker is mandatory within the designated environmental zone.

What if I only park my vehicle within the environmental zone?

Even then you have to attach an environmental sticker.


Can I have problems because of document forgery with a false badge?

If you knowingly falsify your environmental badge and this can be proven to you, you can be held responsible for forging documents. In that case you can get a prison sentence of up to 5 years. These cases have happened before.

If we notice that the vehicle documents sent to us have been falsified or subsequently edited, this attempt will be reported to the responsible authorities at our discretion.

Is it a criminal offense if I knowingly attach an illegal or counterfeit particulate matter sticker?

Yes, this is a criminal offense. The vehicle owner or driver is liable for such a procedure. Even the one who takes care of the environmental badge is an aid to document forgery. There is a risk of a fine and up to five years in prison.

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