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Environmental sticker labeled with your license plate / fine dust sticker

Environmental sticker labeled with your license plate / fine dust sticker

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Vehicle registration not at hand?

Don't have your vehicle registration document to hand and still want to order an environmental sticker?

Simply open a customer account with your contact details.

Simply send us a photo of your vehicle registration later by email at:

or by fax: 0911 / 6880867

or by mail to:

Auto Roth, Fichtenstr. 66, 90763 Fuerth

After receiving the certificate, we will send you an offer email that will take you directly to the checkout.


  • Your license plate and our seal are printed by machine

  • UV-resistant laser printing of the green sticker (yellow is labeled)

  • valid throughout Germany

  • officially recognized

  • State Authorized Approval No. BY-5-05-0583-63

  • Advertising-free back, diameter green 84mm


  • Standard postal delivery incl. (in Germany)

extra charge:

  • Shipping with tracking by post

  • Express shipping if ordered Mon-Thu before 1pm - 1-2 business days (99% of shipments arrive the next business day.

After receipt of documents and payment by 3 p.m. create and
we will send the sticker for your vehicle within one
business day.

Official and valid for Germany Environmental Zones - UV-consistent laser print

Order your original officially approved fine dust sticker / environmental sticker for German environmental zones including document seal from us!

!IMPORTANT!: With this variant, your number plate will be labeled by us, not printed directly! Our seal is laser printed.

Depending on the emissions category you will get a green or yellow.


  • Your Licence number and our seal will be mechanical printed
  • Valid for all environmental zones in Germany
  • Official approved
  • Official authorised Permit-No: BY-5-05-0583-63
  • diameter green 84mm


Delivery only upon presentation of your vehicle documents. You can submit this before purchasing.

No badge creation for future or reserved license plates.

If your Documents and the payment reaches us until 3 p. m. (MEZ) the badge will be produced and shipped within one working day.

Because of the personalization there is no right on withdrawal. The environment badge is made after customer´s specifications and because of that it will not be taken back.

You do get an invoice with evicted sales-tax.

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